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Upkeeper introduces the "GutterKeeper" a machine that allows you to clean out rain gutters from the ground!

Gutter Cleaning

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Upkeeper Corporation

Industrial cleaning solutions start with a proper assessment of your needs. From textile manufacturing to reusable product reclamation, Upkeeper Corporation provides a custom solution for your commercial cleaning needs. Upkeeper Corporation offers Industrial cleaning solutions that cover a diverse array of problems. Typical

  • Lint and Fiber Cleanup
  • Threads
  • Scraps
  • Wood and Metal Shavings
  • Clippings
  • Plastic Debris and Pellets
  • Sawdust
  • Vent Screens
  • Styrofoam Peanuts & Popcorn
  • Cans And Cups
Our commercial vacuum cleaners and products are currently being used successfully in an equally wide range of industries including:
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Apparel Industry
  • Paper
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Plastic
  • Launderers
  • Restaurant and Nightclubs
  • Bars
  • Woodworking
  • Theaters
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Post Offices
  • Distribution Centers
  • and many more...
Take a look around our website and feel free to call one of our cleaning assessment specialists to ask any questions or place your order.

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    Litter Critter & Gutter Keeper

     The two key elements with any type of vacuum system is CFM (cubic feet per minute) and Static Pressure (water lift), the type and volume of debris are both factors in balancing the two elements. 

    Through extensive research and field testing of the Gutter Keeper, we believe we have achieved the proper balance to effectively clean rain gutters. The Gutter Keeper produces 2000 CFM of air flow and 25" of static pressure when using 3" tubing for gutter cleaning; and 4" tubing for ground debris collection.

    There is NO OTHER machine in the USA that we are aware of that vacuum cleans gutters and bags the debris for fast and easy disposal.

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    Voyager Turbo

      Advanced impact resistant turbo fan creates 500 CFM airflow to grab debris, on the floor, around machinery or overhead.

    Motor peaks at 5 HP to pick up bulky debris with ease.

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    Overhead Vacuum Cleaner

    Optional Accessories

      Voyager Turbo Vacuums can be configured with many different accessories including extension tubes and more.

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